The project

An entrepreneur and butternut pumpkin producer from the heart of Ribatejo had a dream. With four other entrepreneurs they created the MVPGIN - The production of distillates. This passion is based on the production and industrial use of unmarketable
pumpkin for export, due to gauge deficit, which would be wasted. So, this is an ecological, integrated, passionate, ambitious and audacious project that combines two great stages: the production of distillates and the production of ethanol for the production of all its distillates.

The Purely Distillery from Ribatejo

MVPGIN is a distillery of author, where ancestor distillation techniques are used in copper alembic instead of the latest technology. We are a Portuguese distillery that produces truly premium gin made in unique editions with the objective of always boasting an effective quality, and of providing to any client the idealization of a batch according to his ambition and creativity together with our distiller.
Drop by drop, edition after edition we can show our effort and pride, but above all our perseverance in creating unique, genuine, full and with a floral and austere quality distillates, typically from Ribatejo, developed in the most beautiful and fertile slopes of Serra de Aire e Candeeiros.

First Gin of Ribatejo

With all this union and richness, the first gin of Ribatejo – the Gotik Gin – was created to honor the city of Santarém, to which the historian Virgilio Correia once called the Capital of Gothic, an appointment justified by the hegemonic architectural style present in its buildings.

Inspired by this collection of buildings, MVPGIN is proud to baptize its editions.

The brand Gin GOTIK

The Gotik Gin brand is already present in two categories of gin, a London Dry, present in the edition Santa Clara, and a Cask Aged 3M by the edition of San Francisco.

The last one mentioned has its origins in the London Dry, which serenely has its ageing period in French oak barrels previously sprinkled with our muffled liqueur wine – BEMCASADO. This grapevine period adds complexity, flatters and adds character to the gin adding even more depth and fullness of flavor.

It will be available in two versions, 3 and 12 months of ageing period.

Discover them and let yourself fall in love with our intense distillates and follow our creations and news


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